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‘Water Lilies’  Claude Monet


Nord Steam Facial
Having done a lot of research about medieval and Scandinavian skin treatment, I’ve realised that the most basic and common beauty treatment that would have taken place in Skyrim would be a water treatment.

There is nothing more efficient than simply washing your face with plain water, and playing with the temperatures of that water can actually help clean the skin. This hot-cold dynamic is inspired by the Finnish sauna and ice plunge body treatment. It keeps circulation going.
Warm water helps in opening up the pores, and flushes out impurities, and cold water seals the pores. Adding any other little herbs or ingredients are great for specialising the skin treatment, but are not necessary for a successful treatment. Take your own skin into consideration, don’t include an ingredient that may damage your skin. If you’re unsure about what an ingredient can do to your skin check out the Lushopaedia, which basically an anthology of every single ingredient used in Lush’s skin care range.

Ingredients / Equipment

Cool water
Boiled water
Petals (use culinary flowers, like rose tea buds or edible lavender)
Lemon (good for oily skin)
Tea Tree Oil (also good for oily skin)
Salt (table)
Lavender oil (good for dry/sensitive skin)

A pot, pitcher, towel and bowel will also be needed.
If you’re into that new age stuff, you can include healing crystals and minerals like quartz and the like. They aren’t at all necessary but it does look pretty.


  1. Fill a pot with water and set to simmer. 
  2. While waiting for the water to heat up, fill a pitcher with tepid water, pour into a bowl and gently splash and wash your face. Rub gently with your index and middle fingers. Make sure your face is clean before steaming (you don’t want to open the pores and let impurities seep in).
  3. Include potential ingredients into the boiled water. Let them infuse. 
  4. Take the water off the boil after it heats up - it should be warm but not too hot, you don’t want to hurt the skin before you get a chance to heal it.
  5. Set yourself and the pot down somewhere comfortable (you’ll be there a while), and hold your face over the pot and cover your head with a towel, trapping the steam. Do this for about 15-30 minutes, whatever you feel your skin needs.
  6. After steaming, let your skin come back to room temperature, gradually, and eventually wash again with cool (icy if your skin can handle it) water. Be delicate.

Prep and treatment time: 40 min - 1 hour


a promise to be happy once again


I believe that
your soul

my soul


old friends.

- Mandeq Ahmed, “Mates” (via llutece)